Kavanah Garden Photo Update!

Here's a look at what's been happening at the Kavanah Garden in the last couple of weeks!

We installed our first mezuzah on the grape vine arbour at the garden's entrance.

We finished building our composting centre out of reclaimed wooden skids.
According to the rabbis, a richteous person is one who wastes not even a mustard seed!

We designed a constructed a rain water catchment system off of one of our sheds.
With all of the rain we've been getting these last few weeks, we haven't had to make the trip down to the stream for water in a while!

We built an upside down tomato something or other! That's right....in those buckets, we have tomato plants planted upsdide down. It's an experiment!
We also planted pole beans and climbing nasturtiums at the base of the strings.

We finished our Magen David raised wildflower bed!
The bed is now planted with native wildflower seeds, which will help to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects to our garden!

The Tikkun Adamah CSA, in partnership with the Cutting Veg Organic Farm is going strong! Farmer Daniel Hoffman and his interns are providing CSA members with the freshest, localest, organicest produce around!

Our potatoes are very happy growing in old car tires!

Weeding our Pe'ah bed where we've planted corn, beans, and squash (also known as the "Three Sisters" - a First Nations example of companion planting.)

Inspecting the squash...

Our first Patty Pan summer squash!!!

We inocculated logs with mushroom spores.
In the fall we should have our first crop of white and blue oyster mushrooms!

We planted three different varieties of radishes! All seem pretty happy :)

It is such a blessing to be growing food and community on this land!
We're at the garden every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-7.
Feel free to stop by to volunteer, learn a little, or simply enjoy the space!
Wishing you and yours a growthful summer season!

Upcoming Workshop - Composting 101

According to our rabbis, a righteous person does not waste ever a mustard seed!
Discover how to turn your vegetable scraps, eggshells, and used napkins into nutrient-rich soil!

Sunday, June 28, 2009, 10am-12pm

Workshop will be held at the Kavanah Garden, located on Lebovic Campus Drive (west of Ilan Ramon Blvd.) The cost of the workshop is $20/person ($18/person for Tikkun Adamah CSA members).

Registration is mandatory. To register, please contact Risa Alyson Strauss at 416-805-8382 or risa@torathateva.org.

Volunteer Time :: The Young Ones

Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 3-7, is open volunteer hours. Anyone can come and play in our garden! Here is a peek at what happened in the garden this Thursday... some very young gardeners came to visit and play.

Garden Tour :: Growing in Many Ways

You might think that the plants do all the growing in a garden. And you might also think that gardens are limited to their borders. But that is not entirely true. Gardens grow, on so many levels, both plants, and the physical spaces. Our garden has grown exponentially from when we first started. It began with a greenhouse... going UP! And now the garden is moving up in different areas as well. Come take a tour of how our garden is growing... and not just the plants!

Growing Linearly

What could this be?

A Magen David/ Star of David garden bed!!

Growing in wonky lines of bricks that outline some of our beds.

Growing in Roundabout Ways

Our outdoor classroom.

Rescued bicycle wheels for our cucumbers to climb!

The bottoms of these pots had been broken, which was perfect for us! Now water can drain.

Growing in the traditional garden sense

Growing bigger each week... our tomatoes in the greenhouse were deemed too small for planting outdoors yet. You'll be ready soon little tomato plants!

Endless fields of wildflowers are just blooming, in every direction!

The rubarb is doing great!