Kavanah Garden Summer Update

What a summer we've been having!  Here's a look at some of the amazing things that have been happening at the Kavanah Garden :
With all the sun we've been getting, our plants are THIRSTY!  We are incredibly blessed to have a stream right beside the Kavanah Garden!  We looked on a map and discovered that our stream goes all the ways to Lake Ontario...

Just as we finished setting up our new Toad Abode (a home for toads and frogs made out of broken clay pots)....we found a toad!

Hunting for sababas (insects and other such things) at the second annual Kavanah Garden Community Festival!

Garlic scape harvest maddness!!!!  We are growing 7 different varieties of garlic this season!  Honouring the Jewish law of Ma'aser (tithing), at least 10% of the garlic scapes we harvest are donated to tzedakah.

The meadow is FILLED with wildflowers!  These yellow meadow vetchling smell absolutely amazing!  Do you know the blessing to say over wonderful smelling plants?

It's wild black raspberry season!  So far we have picked almost 4 kilograms of berries for our Jam Making Workshop next week!    We'll be saving some of the jam for making hamentashen next Purim! 

Wild turkey in the meadow!!!!  We think they love black raspberries almost as much as we do!

Painting our new SPINNING composter!  Made out of an old olive drum....
Now we can TURN our old vegetable scraps into nutrient rich compost for next season's plants!

Making fresh mint tea in our solar oven!  Delicious!

The wonderful folks from PJ Library joined us at our community festival to share a few super sweet stories (and freezies too!)

Watering the grapes growing on our arbour.  Maybe in a few years we can make grape juice for Shabbat from the grapes that will grow!

Volunteers from Green Juice spent an afternoon at the garden helping weed, water, and harvest, while learning about the different Jewish environmental teachings we model at the Kavanah Garden. 

At the Kavanah Garden....we're going back to our roots!

Such abundance we have been blessed with!  Looking forward to celebrating with our growing community in the coming weeks :)