In the beginning...

In the Torah it is written that everything came into existence through words spoken. Apparently, gardens also come into existence through speech! Words of creation were uttered by the garden's Program Director, Rysa Alyson Strauss. Through many stages, her words have moved this garden from idea, to existence: from initial planning, finding funding, and bringing in volunteers... everything she has created here, began with words.

And what has come of these words? A beautiful garden. Perhaps even a holy space. Hopefully to become a 'Gan Eden' in the midst of Toronto's Jewish community. Welcome to the Kavanah Organic Community Teaching Garden. This is the first blog post about the journey that has begun to create Toronto's first organic Jewish community teaching garden.

Here are the first fruits of the season to wet your appetite! Pictures! A picture is worth a thousand words, correct?

How beautiful is this greenhouse?

The view from our garden! Oh so many wildflowers are beginning to grow here now!

Meet two of our apprentices, Tamara and Kyla. And those seeds we were planting? They are now beautiful green seedlings, nearly ready to go into the earth!

Please check back often to read the growing story of this garden.