Lag Ba'Omer Volunteer Day!

Kavanh Garden is officially open and our first Volunteer day was a huge success!

About 25 new and returning community members came out to the garden on Sunday May 2nd and laboured through the morning's ominous rainclouds into the afternoon's sunny skies. We tackled a number of big projects and are ready for the educational and growing season. A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and made this possible! Here's the recap of what went down:

1. We installed a roof on our pergola, which acts as class-room and picnic area, so that we have shade and/or rain protection other than our greenhouse-oven!

2. We turned over all the beds so they are officially ready to receive our seedlings;

3. We dug two brand new farm beds which increase our planting area in a big way;

4. We built 3 raised beds for the native pollinator garden;

5. With some extreme muscle power we levelled an area for our new and improved shed which will house gardening tools and program supplies;

6. We transplanted our prickly berry bushes to a larger, more detached area where they can thrive (yet be avoided when necessary);

7. We painted signage for our Shemitah bed, which has been divided into 7 sections with one lying fallow each year;

8. We lugged many buckets of water up from the river to keep our current plants happy and to prepare for all the transplanting in the weeks to come!

The excitement about the upcoming season was palpable, and we are so looking forward to getting our tomatoes, tomatillos, kale, kholrabi, cauliflower, ground-cherries, beans, and more into the soil!

Check out our Calendar page for upcoming volunteer opportunities, workshops, etc., or sign up for our newsletter by clicking the link on the right side of the page.

Looking forward to growing with all of you this season!

Tamara Wise
Kavanah Garden Assistant Director

Turning the soil in our Pe'ah bed.

Removing the straw mulch from our garden beds.

Weeding the pathways.

Building raised beds for our native pollinator garden.

Digging out the footprint for our new storage shed.

Painting numbered rocks for our Shemitah bed. Can you guess how many?

Checking out some of the creatures and critters that call the Kavanah Garden home.

Even the Rogers TV News Crew came to help out! least they filmed and interviewed the people who came to help out....

Kavanah Garden is open for the 2010 growing season!